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Calling all Green Leaders! Does your school have a Student Green Team? Or maybe you have a Green Team, but what's next? Check out the links below to help you get started today!

Frierson Green TeamDunston Green Team

Memminger Green TeamPinckney Green Team

Throughout the District over the past several years, CCSD and Charleston County Environmental Management (CCEM) have been working with teachers and liaisons to help foster the formation of student green teams at each school. During the 2013-2014 school year, CCEM launched a green team sponsorship program in order to lend even more support to student and teacher lead sustainability efforts at the school-level. As a part of this sponsorship, staff members from both CCSD and CCEM have developed a green team formation toolkit, as well as offer in-person, educational presentations to both students and staff to help get a team started. As teams are formed and solidified, CCEM can provide student teams with customized t-shirts, water bottles, lanyards, and other gear to help recognize student efforts in sustainability. Below are some of the useful resources CCSD and CCEM have developed to help you and your school start a green team or support existing green team efforts.

Purpose and Guidelines

Green Team LogoThe purpose of creating a Student Green Team is to empower and provide leadership opportunities for students to organize and implement sustainable activities at school. Having a Green Team in place will set a standard for environmental stewardship for school stakeholders: students, faculty, administration, staff and parents. With the assistance of a team coordinator, this student based group identifies issues, makes recommendations and takes action towards greening the school. Since many activities, such as recycling and waste reduction, involve the schools administration and maintenance staff, efforts need to be coordinated with school operations prior to implementation.

Each school will be different in their approach to establishing, structuring and engaging a Green Team. An important component of a successful green team is the commitment of a coordinator to promote teamwork and decision making. This person selects members, coordinates efforts, encourages shared responsibility, and oversees implementation of programs.


Consider an application for students to apply for membership. While all students are encouraged to be involved in sustainability and environmental education, it is also beneficial to have a core group of students dedicated to the green team or green program at a school in order to focus on advancement of projects, programs, and platforms throughout the school year and from year to year.

This application is also a useful tool when student response to participate is overwhelming and it is necessary to better determine which students are serious and committed to being a part of the program and which are not as serious about long-term participation.

Projects and Platforms

Interested in organizing a walk to school day? Starting a garden? Auditing your school’s energy use? Or maybe educating your peers on best recycling practices? These are examples of a few projects and platforms you and your students can incorporate in your school’s sustainability initiatives. Check out our Green Schools Menu for more examples of things you and your students can do this year in the various areas of sustainability at your school!

Contact Us

Contact the Sustainable Schools Initiative at (843) 789-0172 or (843) 371-2115 to schedule a visit at your school and see how your team can join the program this school year.

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